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"Professional and Thorough!

Extreme Tree is professional and thorough with their work. They always go above and beyond to make sure our place looks great and is safe. We had some tree limbs removed as well as other work and they did an exceptional job!"


"Extreme did a great job taking four 70 foot tall blue spruces down in my yard. Chuck and company had excellent knowledge about trees, proper disposal, they worked quickly, cleaned up nicely, and gave me an affordable price. I would use them again and refer them to friends."


"We have used Extreme Tree & Landscape twice now. The first time, they took down a very large tree for us and also ground the stump. They did a very professional job including a very thorough cleanup. Chuck was very easy to work with and his crew was very friendly and accommodating. We used them again to remove a smaller tree and the results were the same. We have more tree work to be done and intend on using them again. I would highly recommend them."






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Tree Services

We are experts at removing and pruning trees in difficult to reach locations. We combine climbing the tree using modern safety gear with using a bucket truck with a material handler to allow access to even the most difficult trees and limbs.

Tree Removal

Spikes or no spikes - The use of climbing spikes or gaffs is limited to use on trees that are going to be removed. Spikes should not be used on trees being saved or pruned due to the damage they cause to the protective tissues of a tree. Some "old-timers" continue to climb using spikes when pruning a live tree. Insure you hire a professional that climbs using modern equipment.


Removing Hazards - Although it is impossible to eliminate all potential hazards related to trees short of complete removal, the more obvious hazards should be addressed. Property owners have a duty to visually inspect trees on their property for observable hazards such as broken or dead limbs, contact with utility wires, or other damage that compromises the strength or safety of the tree. We can help you review any issues found and make recommendations. We also help to protect your property from damage to structures by keeping branches and limbs trimmed away from gutters, wires, and your roof.

Tree Health - Trees that are pruned properly from a young age tend to grow stronger and require less maintenance later in their life. Trees also need to be pruned to improve balance, allow proper air-flow, and better withstand heavy snow and ice. It is much better to prune trees regularly and avoid removing large amounts of the tree canopy. We will not remove more than 25-30% of a tree canopy in order to protect the health of the tree and we will not "top" a tree. Tree topping is the improper pruning of a tree in an attempt to drastically reduce its size. The practice is unhealthy and counterproductive. It is sometimes better to remove the tree and re-plant a more suitable tree in the location.

One of the more interesting aspects of the business is identifying the thousands of tree species that are found in North America. One of the many resources that helps with identification is http://www.oplin.org/tree/index.html