About Us

Extreme Tree and Landscape is a family run and owned New York Corporation founded in 2012. We have offices and crews in Bloomfield, NY.  Before this date, Extreme Tree was operated as a sole proprietor that was exclusively focused on disaster response across the Eastern US.  After leaving a corporate career in 2008, our founder, Charles (Chuck) Andolino became fascinated by the  beauty and complexity of our trees and forests.  Now an ISA Certified Arborist and Tree Risk Assesment Qualified, Chuck loves the challenge and learning that each day brings.

Recently, two of our former managers have purchased the Florida location and continue to provide excellent service based out of Tallahass, FL.  We are proud of Brad and Tayla and we will continue to support them in their new venture.   Their ownership of the Florida business is possible because of their hard work and dedication to customers.

Our background comes from the removal of damaged and dangerous trees and debris that resulted from natural disasters. We have responded to hurricanes, snow storms, tornadoes, and ice storms. Sometimes we were hired by the towns and cities effected and other times we were there to volunteer. This type of work is very rewarding.  In recent years we have expanded to provide tree service and landscape services in our home town of Rochester, NY. We want you to feel confident in us and welcome your questions. The advice and quotes are always free.

Charles Andolino

Extreme Tree and Landscape
ISA Certified Arborist

Chris Andolino

Vice President,
Extreme Tree and Landscape
Bloomfield, New York